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Special edition:
Cooperatives and the future of work
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The eDigest of the International Cooperative Alliance
The message of the President Ariel Guarco:

Technological changes, the knowledge economy, big data and relocation are some of the factors that are having rapid impact on the world of work, where we still have other matters to address, such as wage inequality between women and men and, what is most serious, slave labour, which oppresses people of all genders and ages in different parts of the planet... Read more

The challenges of the future of work: cooperatives can be part of the solution
The world is suffering from high levels of unemployment and underemployment. There is also increased job insecurity, a deterioration of social protection and widening inequalities. But cooperatives, as one of the biggest actors in work representing 10% of the global employed population, can be part of the solution to many of the challenges of the future of work. Read more
Conference looks at changing times for cooperatives in the world of work
More than 200 delegates met in Kozhikode, India, for the International Conference on Cooperatives in the Changing World of Work (29 Apr - 1 May 2018). Over three days, academicians, researchers, policy-makers and cooperators from around the world examined how cooperatives are evolving in the changing world of work. Read more
Interview with Hyungsik Eum, author of the Second Global Report on “Cooperatives and Employment”

In a special interview for the Cooperative Insider, Hyungsik Eum, explores the latest cooperative trends in the world of world. He examines the opportunities – and challenges – brought by automation, the changes required in terms of cooperative legislation, and the ability of cooperatives to demonstrate the power of their business model. Read more

Ariel Guarco meets Guy Ryder: strengthening historic ties with the ILO
The International Labour Organization Director-General, Guy Ryder, and the President of the International Cooperative Alliance, Ariel Guarco, have met at the ILO Headquarters to discuss areas of collaboration. It was agreed to update the existing MoU between the two institutions, in the framework of the Future of Work. Read more
In a changing world of work, cooperatives provide security and meaningful jobs to young people, new study shows
CICOPA, the international organisation of industrial and service cooperatives, has published a new “Global Study on Youth Cooperative Entrepreneurship”, as part of its campaign “We own it! The future of work is ours”. The study is based on desk research and on an online survey involving youth cooperatives in the five continents.  Read more
Cooperative buzz

2018 #coopsday: Sustainable societies through cooperation​ Read more

The cooperative movement renews the partnership with the FAO Read more
Sponsor the 2018 edition of the World Cooperative Monitor! Read more
The V Cooperative Summit of the Americas will be held in Buenos Aires  Read more
Cooperative learning and research in the age of technology​ Read more
Answer a survey to map cooperative initiatives empowering youth! Read more
Interview with Jean-Louis Bancel, Vice-President of the International Cooperative Alliance  Read more
Workshop explores how to promote women CEOs in cooperatives​ Read more
Nepal’s second cooperative congress was a two-day event featuring more than 1,000 delegates from across the country​ Read more
Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz highlights in Costa Rica the role of cooperatives​ Read more
Danilo Salerno, new Regional Director of Cooperatives of the Americas Read more

The International Cooperative Alliance welcomes new members from Iran, Jordan, the Philippines and Côte d’Ivoire Read more

Get subscribed to our database! We are working to ensure that we are EU General Data Protection Regulation compliant Read more
The Committee for the Promotion and Advancement of Cooperatives explores guidelines for statistics on cooperatives Read more
Cooperative story of the month
El Algarrobo Residence, Argentina
Oncativo is a small town in the province of Cordoba, in the central region of Argentina. There, the Public Works and Services Cooperative recently built El Algarrobo Residence, a 13,700-square-metre home, especially designed for the elderly. Each of the 5,000 families in Oncativo is a members of the cooperative residence in one way or another. Read more

Coops for 2030 takes to social media!

In April, a new #coops4dev social media campaign was launched at global level by the regional offices of the International Cooperative Alliance. It seeks to showcase the cooperatives which have pledged to support the Agenda 2030 on the website Read more

New DEVCO Academy launches to share knowledge and harmonise development actions

This online platform brings together a broad set of e-learning courses, videos, webinars and manuals, developed by DEVCO in cooperation with partners. The new platform, still in its pilot phase, has the objective of helping development practitioners, students, and the interested public to share knowledge and harmonise development actions. You can access it by clicking here.

Info from the sectors
Cooperative banks celebrate 200th anniversary of Raiffeisen
In 2018, cooperative banks celebrate Raiffeisen Year in honour of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen, a key figure in the movement’s history, who was born 200 years ago. Read more
Info from the regions
Cooperatives: key actors in Europe for a sustainable future
The 2018 Cooperatives Europe General Assembly took place between 16-18th of May in Denmark. The delegates of the European cooperative movement gathered to inspire, exchange and develop actions to further the impact of people-centred enterprises. Read more
São Paulo’s legislative assembly marked the 50th anniversary of Unimed 

São Paulo marked Unimed’s 50th anniversary with a formal session at its Legislative Assembly. Unimed President Orestes Pullin recalled how the first Unimed cooperative had been founded São Paulo (Brazil) in 1967 «by a group of physicians with a desire to oppose the mercantilism threatening the responsible and ethical practice of medicine in our country». Read more

Strengthening the cooperative movement in Africa 

The Alliance Africa, in its commitment to unpack and raise awareness of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, organized this year’s Co-operative Leaders/Managers and Ministerial Conference Technical committee meeting under the theme “Cooperative for Zero Hunger in Africa”. The meeting took place from 29th to 31st May in Maputo – Mozambique. ​Read more

    Events calendar 2018  
  19-20 June   Board of the ICA   Birmingham, Alabama, USA  
  4-6 July   European branch of the Committee of Cooperative Research conference   Wageningen, The Netherlands   
  7 July   International Day of Cooperatives    Global  
  4 -7 September   Africa Cooperatives Ministerial Conference     Abuja, Nigeria   
  1 - 3 octobre   2018 Global Social Economy Forum   Bilbao, Spain  
  21 Octobre   2018 ICA General Assembly meeting   Buenos Aires, Argentina  
  23 - 26 October   V Summit of the Americas    Buenos Aires, Argentina  
  26 - 30 November   13th Regional Assembly of ICA Asia and Pacific and 10th Co-operative Forum    Teheran, Iran  
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