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Friday 18 October 2019

It has been an incredible few days in Rwanda – the land of a thousand hills and a million smiles. Thank you for your part in the cooperative conversations, whether you were in Kigali, engaged on social media or simply enjoyed these newsletters. Thank you too to all of our guests, speakers and panellists. And a final thank you to the Rwanda Government, particularly the Ministry of Trade and Industry, who welcomed us to this beautiful country. 

We look forward to continuing conversations in the days, weeks and months ahead. But meanwhile safe travels, and we look forward to seeing you for the 2020 Congress in Seoul, Republic of Korea!

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The final day

The final day in Kigali was a one of farewells and reflections. But also of excitement and learning. As we return to our homes around the world – whether that is 20km or 20,000km away – click below for a selection of images to celebrate this wonderful global event.
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General Assembly

On the afternoon of Thursday 17 October, members of the International Cooperative Alliance gathered at the organisation's General Assembly. The event took place in Kigali, Rwanda, following the Global Conference 'Cooperatives for development'. The Kigali Resolution, which endorses the conclusions of the ICA Global Conference "Cooperatives for Development", was approved.

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A new strategy for the cooperative movement


With the Blueprint for a Cooperative Decade coming to an end in 2020, the global cooperative movement adopted the guidelines for a new strategic document to lead cooperatives into the next decade. Members of the Assembly offered specific suggestions to enhance the document as it is being finalized.

The guidelines focus attention on ICA’s Purpose and Mission in the face of the challenges facing the world, while looking at how to strengthen the Cooperative Identity in this new decade. It also acknowledges the 2020 vision as set out in the Blueprint for a Cooperative Decade and proposes to extend it to 2030.

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ICA adopts peace declaration

The ICA General Assembly has adopted a declaration in which it reiterates its commitment to “peace, wellbeing and prosperity for all”.
The resolution explains the concept of positive peace, which, according to peace scholar Johan Galtung, is related to the good contributions in the community, particularly cooperation and integration, reconciliation and equality. Positive peace needs to be differentiated from negative peace, which relates to the absence of violence.

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ICA to develop coop accounting standards

The ICA General Assembly unanimously adopted a motion to develop accounting standards for cooperatives.

Submitted by Co-operatives UK and seconded by Kooperationen in Denmark, the motion calls upon the ICA to engage with members and experts with an interest in this matter to explore the case, costs and benefits, for the potential development over time of a cooperative statement of recommended practices. Such a standard would be designed to permit cooperatives to focus their reporting on their performance in line with cooperative values and principles.

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What is happening today?

Today, in the framework of an inter-ministerial meeting organised by the Government of Rwanda, the Rwandan Prime Minister Edouard Ngirente met ICA President Ariel Guarco. Mr Ngirente said he was very happy with the Conference. “We in Rwanda need to learn from you on cooperatives,” he said. “In Rwanda, cooperatives are a tool not only for economic activities but also for social cohesion, including women’s and youth empowerment. Even when people leave a cooperative, they keep the teachings of being in a cooperative and this is useful for their whole life.” Dr Guarco also paid visits to several cooperatives in Rwanda with Bruno Roelants, the Director-General of the ICA.

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